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“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this well-written journey highlighting the author’s upbringing and, consequently, the effects that her mother’s values and wisdom brought to her own life.  The author touches upon her very positive yet powerful ways of viewing the world, people and how our thoughts and actions impact the life that we live.  Her discussions of meditation, self-love, and gratitude help us to see that our actions and how we perceive the actions of others are all a result of our own thoughts.  She truly enlightens us and shows us how to have inner peace and to be able to view the positive in situations and people’s actions even when negativity is apparent.


This book is a short but very powerful read that makes us think about how we view life and to bring to light the positive in our thoughts and actions.  The reader can really connect with the author’s compassionate recollection of her childhood memories particularly all that she had learned from her mother and that have become so much a part of her as a mother.  I felt deeply connected to the author’s story and was moved by her fond memories of her mother and the sadness of her illness and subsequently the author’s.


This book with its poignant lessons and simplistic, yet enchanting illustrations by the author, touch the heart and captivate the reader’s thoughts of envisioning themselves and how they perceive others in a new light.  This book is simply a joy to read and one that provides us with a look inside ourselves and how we can control our thoughts and ultimately our lives.”

–Emily A. Pereira, Senior Clinical Data Manager, eClinical Solutions, LLC.


” ‘Things I Wish my Mother had Said…(or maybe she did)’ by Genie Lee Perron is a beautiful, inspiring book and quick read for anyone searching to enhance peace, love and joy in their lives. This motivational book is filled with touching stories and an abundance of simple, easy to implement suggestions for improving the quality of your life. It’s such an enjoyable and informative read, you’ll find yourself referring back to favorite topics again and again. I would recommend this book to anyone looking to make positive changes in their lives.”

–Lori A Hennessy, Bachelor of Science in Education, Homemaker, Former Training Manager


“Motivational….Inspirational…. a great, easy, feel good read! Filled with great ideas to use and integrate into your everyday. It’s like a workbook for your life in progress!  I would recommend Ms Perron’s book to my clients as a must read… and reread!”

–Christine Flannery, AFAA certified Fitness Instructor, AASDN Nutrition Specialist and Life Coach


“A must read for every mother and every daughter – and for everyone devoted to living each and every moment to the fullest.”

–Jean Lanahan, author of “Enchanted Whispers: Wit and Wisdom from the Mouths of Babes (and Momma Too)


“This book is so uplifting and inspirational. The artwork is beautiful.  I wish my mom had told me the things Ms. Perron writes about too (and maybe she did). Very affirming and positive. I highly recommend reading this book and buying copies to give to your friends as gifts.”

–Loribeth Clark, artist


“There was something very comforting yet also constructive as I read through the
pages. We’re all so easily lost in this world and Ms. Perron has definitely
found her way bringing us along her journey. I have kept this book by my bedside
in the week since it arrived and there it shall stay. Recommended!!!”

–Amazon Customer


“This wonderful book is a touching tribute to Ms Perron’s Mother and how through
her teachings, she is being kept alive through her daughter, granddaughters and
future generations who will benefit greatly from such an amazing and wise woman.
Ms. Perron writes from the heart and anyone who reads this will walk away
feeling a little more enlightened as to how to look at life. The artwork is
uplifting as well. It is a perfect gift from mothers to their children or just
for yourself!”

–Amazon Customer


Hi Genie, I have just read your e book – thank you it was beautiful – wonderful messages and your art is inspiring! All the best with your next book, warm regards Tricia 🙂


Dear Genie,

I just finished reading your book and wanted to let you know how beautifully written it is!
After finishing I thought about translating it into German to give it my mom to read (her English isn’t that good).
Thanks for writing the book and your presence 🙂
Much <3