Genie Lee Perron

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And So We Meet Again My Friend Fear

I made the choice a while ago to “feel the fear and do it anyway” Fear is a biological defense mechanism. You and I are wired to look for danger so that we can stay safe. Our brain interprets our world based on past experiences and forms beliefs around what is and isn’t safe.

Some of these beliefs stand the test of time. Like, it’s wise to look both ways before crossing the street. Other thoughts and beliefs no longer serve you well nor are they beneficial toward helping you achieve your dreams. Like, you must hold an adult’s hand while crossing the street. For most of us, this is no longer true… you can let go of that one if you choose.

Fear thoughts come up automatically as you stretch yourself out of your comfort zone to grow. In order to achieve your big dream, you must grow and in order to grow you must feel the fear and do it anyway.

I’ve made friends with my fear. My fear has kept me safe, but with my awareness of my thoughts, fear has also pointed me towards my biggest gifts! If it wasn’t important to me, then I would not have fear around it… so then my choice point is what do I do with that fear?If it’s rational fear, like that gut feeling you gets while staring down a dark alley in a strange city then you listen to it and perhaps stay on the public road way. But, if it is a fear of the unknown challenge or fear of failing or fear of success even….. that’s where you might want to move through it.I have a little conversation with my fear when it comes up, which it still does as I grow in my business life and my personal life. I look in the mirror and I say something like, “Hey there fear, I appreciate you trying to keep me safe. Thanks, but I’ve got this. I’m safe and I’m moving forward with this and we will see what we learn! “Then I take a deep breath and I challenge any fear thoughts that remain. For example, if I hear …. you don’t know enough to do that, then I affirm, “everything I need to know comes to me easily. Nobody knows everything, but I’m good at this and I have great resources”Fear can keep you stuck, but I can assure you that anyone in your life that you look at and think wow, they’ve got it all going on or they do put together and confident feels fear just like all of us. But if they are on the path to achieving their dream, they are feeling the fear and doing it anyway!

Genie Lee Perron, BS in Ed., PCC, Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher, Creator and founder of Dream Reiki ™, ICF credentialed  Professional Certified Coach , Certified Health and Wellness Coach, licensed Heal Your Life Teacher, licensed Chakradance Facilitator, Master NLP Practitioner, Owner of The Love Your Life Center of Plymouth in Plymouth, MA