Genie Lee Perron

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Back Planning to Accomplish Your Goals

No matter how wonderful our lives are, they can and will keep getting better, as long as we allow it. Where you are now is a new jumping off point for bigger and better things. Life doesn’t stand still and once we meet a goal, it opens doors for bigger and better ones!
I have no doubt that we have all grown immensely over the past years. Many of us have been aware of the need to empower ourselves and have sought out means to uplift and encourage. We can’t help but grow through all our life experiences.
So now, perhaps you are feeling the urge to push further and expand more. That’s awesome because that is the call of life flowing through you!!!! It’s exciting. 
Revel in how far you’ve come and now brace yourself for more wonderful growth! New growth requires stepping out of one’s comfort zone. That can be scary, but it can also be invigorating. 
Today, think about an area in your life in which you want to improve or see more growth. Maybe it’s your professional life, or you family life, or your spirituality on which you want to focus. Think about that area on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being absolutely incredible. Imagine for a moment what you would have to change in your life to get to the feeling place of that perfect 10. Don’t get overwhelmed, just imagine. 
Now, back pedal a little. What might be the last thing you did just before you realized that goal? Now go back another step. What might you have done right before that step? With a little imagination and back planning, you have broken a big goal into smaller manageable steps. 
You may want to write these steps down on paper as you’re brainstorming about them. In front of you is a little outline of a possible plan for accomplishing your goal. Now, think about what action you can commit to this week towards taking that first step. Give yourself a time to get it done and then pat yourself on the back when you complete it.

Sometimes we get overwhelmed by the action steps. This is where we might want to stop and take a breath. Dream Reiki can help to calm your mind and move you into your heart. It relaxes you and gets you into a place where you can look at solutions.

Remember…there are two sides to everything in life….the energy side and the action side. Dream Reiki has your energy side covered! Many find that after a session, the action side of things seems so mu clearer and more doable.
Big journeys start with small steps. Be easy on yourself as you move forward in your life. You are doing just fine. Be yourself, don’t compare yourself to other people, simply take those baby steps towards your new improved life. Remember that once you get to the first goal… will call you out of that new comfort zone into more growth, but you can do it! You have the tools! Remember to breathe!
Have a fantastic day!