The Power of Your Thoughts…Your Key to Success

Over the course of my life, I have proven it to myself time and time again that my thoughts play a direct role in how events in my life unfold. Not too long ago, I was in a long distance relationship with a wonderful man. We dated for a while, but then doubts started creeping into my mind. I kept a journal, as I have for most of my life, and in it I wrote of all the reasons why this beautiful relationship could not work. I reinforced my negative thoughts in writing!

Well, sure enough we broke up. It dawned on me that I had scripted this breakup to the tee. That was a turning point for me. I realized that if I could script the “bad” stuff in my life, why couldn’t I turn it around and start imagining good stuff. And so, I did a little experiment. I started writing in my journal about how I wanted things to be with this wonderful man. I wrote in the present tense, as if I had already achieved this fabulous goal. I read and revised my positive writings every night before bed and really felt like these things were already unfolding in my life.

He and I were apart for about a year before we reconciled. This was in 2009. We are still together and no longer long distance. We live in a house that I wrote about in detail back in 2010. It all happened because I deliberately changed the focus of my thoughts!

You see, we can focus on worrisome thoughts and let them gather momentum, but that doesn’t really benefit us. We can focus on fearful thoughts and let their presence grow, but that does nothing to move us forward positively in our lives. Or, we can choose to train our thoughts towards things that empower us and give us joy. Then, we are filled with positive energy and ready to start our days productively. Which way seems like the best option?

There are times, when I awaken and I notice a whole chunk of thoughts that are, what I would call negative, popping into my awareness. Now, instead of allowing those thoughts to have their way with me mindlessly, I know that I can nip them in the bud and put my attention on something else.

I can recognize the thoughts, name them, acknowledge them and pretty darn quickly see that they do not serve my higher good. The power, our true power, is in our ability to focus our thoughts.

What concrete steps can we take to practice this power of ours?

1. Name the thought or thoughts and deal with the feelings surrounding them. If the thoughts do not serve your highest good and you feel bad thinking them, give them their walking papers.

2. Remember that no matter what your past, we all have lots of goodness to offer this world. That goodness can’t get out if we are blocking the door with negative thoughts about the past.

3. The past is a mist. It’s a distant memory. So, grab the memories that feel good and savor them and say goodbye to those that bring pain.

4. Use the painful times from your past as lessons or stepping stones. They were learning opportunities which you lived through. You can, from your present moment, begin to use those past experiences to serve others with your many wonderful gifts.

5. Bless the experiences you’ve had and trust that with the knowledge you’ve gained will guide towards better things, if you allow them to.

Next time, we will look at having a little, emotional tool kit that you can turn to when you need some positive ideas to focus on instead of negative. It can be challenging to stop thinking about something once you’ve started, but replacing those thoughts with other more pleasant ones can be easier. Until then, remember that you are in the driver’s seat. Your thoughts are magnetic and they will attract other similar thoughts the more you think. Be picky about where you put your focus.

Have a fantastic day! –glp

About the author: Genie Lee Perron is the author of “Things I Wish My Mother Had Said… (or maybe she did)”. Please visit,, or @genieleeperron on Twitter for more information.