Things I Wish my Mother had Said… (or maybe she did)

“This book is filled with delightful insights. I love how the author set up the chapters – each with its own message and ways to achieve it (peace, living in the present, meditation, etc.) This book can be read in one sitting or studied chapter by chapter. The author pulled together ideas from many spiritual leaders that I admire and put her own spin on it as it relates to lessons from her mother and how she applies all of this in her own life. The illustrations are charming! I highly recommend this inspiring book.”–JM, Amazon Customer


“Genie Lee Perron gracefully takes you through the times of good and not so good with the knowledge of rising above your challenge by embracing a “take charge attitude” of thinking positively. Concentrating on the good each and every day is highly pronounced as a “must be” to rising above the negatives in life.

Don’t hesitate to pick up these words of wisdom. After I read it I felt a surge of positivity. Mind over matter. She reminds us we can do anything we set our minds to. I know her warm relationship with her mother as I had the same with mine.
Kudos!” –Brelliot, Amazon Customer

Things I Wish my Mother had Said… (or maybe she did)

This book is a compilation of original artwork and motherly advice that spans generations. The author ties her own mother’s words of wisdom to present day life with her own children. It is a loving tribute to a very wise woman. This work contains whimsical art which symbolizes and brings life to the words and suggestions contained in the text. Simple yet effective practices are highlighted in a way that make putting them into practice in one’s own life easy. You will find this book to be a relaxing read and an awesome way to make life, in general, more simple and joyous.

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